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We specialize in keeping your special transports on the road.

Whether it be trucks or trailers, road trains or heavy machinery we can assist your company in any difficulties and repairs you might face.

At KSG we work with all of the major brands that manufacture specialized trailers, such as Goldhofer, TII Scheuerle, Nooteboom, Broshuis & Greiner to mention some, as well their local retailers and partners. Most of which we have a direct contact with spare parts departments and engineers so that we can provide as swift and easy support as fast and easy as possible.

On Call Service, 24/7

Our mechanics are on standby around the clock and can be on the road within the hour. We travel all over Scandinavia to make sure you are back on the road as soon as possible in case of a break down.

Diagnostics and Hydraulics

We have on board diagnostic computers to read OBDs and ABS/EBS-systems, with adapters for most manufactures for both trucks and trailers. Wabco, Knorr and Haldex are all included for example.

We can manufacture and repair hydraulic hoses and pipes in the field with our mobile crimping equipment. We also cooperate with major workshops around the Nordic region to produce larger quantities or dimensions when needed.

On Site Services

Sometimes when your project is facing an intense period you might need to man up and have extra mechanics on the location to make sure the transports leave according to the schedule. We can help you and provide everything from a single mechanic/fitter working out of your site office or harbour up to several fully equipped and maned service vehicles with every tool needed to get the job done.

Long term and framework agreement

If you have a large project, or several projects, coming up and want to make sure you always have access to help when you need it, we can offer you a agreement with a set price. We can have a rotating schedule and always have staff on site, or arrange a schedule that fits your needs. This way you can make sure the project runs smoothly and you have your maintenance schedule and vehicle inspections up to date and thus minimize costs and break downs.

Upgrades and modifications

Apart from repairs and maintenance, we can also help you upgrade and modify your existing fleet of trailers and trucks. Having a lot of experience with the harsh conditions that your trailers are often operating in, we have seen almost all different kind of damages and break downs. We are able to modify your newer trailers with special built components that protect for example electrical boxes without effecting your products warranty. And we are also able to completely rebuild your older trailers with original spare parts to keep them in operative condition for years to come. Either we can do the jobs in your work shop or we can do it at our facilities in central Sweden.

Tire Services

Mobile tire service and a wide network of partners that are available at any hour. Wholesale prices and including fitting when you need to purchase larger quantities of tires.

Other equipment

Reach stackers, mobile cranes, cars, wheel loaders, excavators and whatever other thing with an engine in your fleet can also be worked in to the services mentioned above.

Emergency’s and accidents.

Having worked in the field for several years, we know that sometimes things just happen that are out of your hands. Slippery roads, bad weather, worn tires are just some factors that can cause accidents.

We can be there for your company and assist at these times, with everything from mobile cranes, heavy towing, lights, lifts and generators to making sure your staff gets someplace warm and safe. Then we can arrange decontamination and restoration of damages caused to roads and nature.

If you have oil spills or other contaminations of soils on site, on the road or in the harbour. We can help you deal with this as well.

Training and education

Traveling to and working in the Nordic region can mean a lot of new things for your company. Sometimes it means your staff needs new certificates or permits. Our experienced technicians can help you make sure that your crew is up to date with local laws and regulations. We can also asses your need for PPE and other equipment that are mandatory by law.

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